About my disappearance:

– Back to sunny island

You don’t know what you have till you experience otherwise.
I miss the clean toilets, the clean and safe roads we have here (despite the expensive road tax!), the 2-ply toilet rolls that is considered a luxury in Bangkok, the safe environment, I could go on and on but I’m just gonna say, good to be back.

And, what an experience, I’ve seen so much in Bangkok, more than I wished to. Like say, a homeless shitting on the street, dogs having sex and both licking up the semen (not that it can only happen in Bangkok, but the fact that I haven’t seen that scene in the whole 2 years of life in Singapore somewhat made me assured that stray dogs in Singapore are more civilised) etc.

And I’ve spent a bomb on souvenirs again. Very reluctant. But I made it through the endless exams that I had to sit through, and definitely gained so much knowledge and made me interested in my job again.


– Frequent flights

For someone who hate travelling, I sure have gotten myself in the wrong place.
Kick-off meeting (boring budget forecast waking up at 5.30am every morning participating in team bonding activities is definitely not what Bali is for) next week and congress in mid-nov (chaperoning ain’t cool). 


– Lack of social life

The last time I had a drink with my girlfriends… Was for my birthday. Yup that was like a month ago. I’m entirely covered with spider webs.


– I think I hate my hair

Another haircut today. Third within two months. It might be turning into an obsession. 


– Reality…

Is kicking in. Gives no shit to your opinion, it is here to stay.
Like the green monster that has been lurking in the dark, it is just waiting for the right time to show up, politely though.  

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