On this Thursday morning, I receive the wonderful email of my sales record, notifying me that I can happily celebrate my birthday this weekend, and can finally look at my bosses in the eyes.
Yes because I’ve achieved my sales target.

And I realised, this is how my life is gonna be from here on, every month, every quarter.

Anyway! As I was saying, finally, I can heave a sigh of relieve & celebrate me & Sherlyn’s birthday.

Thankful for the two hours long case delay that allow me to sit here at coffee bean of TTSH, sorting out all the details once & for all.
No more bouncing of ideas here & there. Indecisiveness annoys me very much & I don’t allow that in my life.

Thankful for a very compromising co-birthday-BFF for always going with whatever I planned (yes I did ask for her opinion of course!).

Everything’s pretty much settled, other than my sudden realization that I haven’t cut a birthday cake for the longest time & I haven’t had a cake that I can call mine for the longest time!

If my memory serves me well, my last birthday cake was the (self proclaim) famous Candy cake for my 21st birthday:



And then, none for the next 3 years :(

But! The sad thing is, it’s kinda too late for such beautiful customized cake already. It would be really mean of me to insist any baker to do it for me on such short notice.

So I guess boohoo, no cake this year.
Maybe on my 26th.

Anyway, I’m super NOT excited about the birthday celebration because it consist of wearing bikini in public for 3-4hrs T_T
Remember how I was saying back in August that i have an entire month of September to lose weight and it considered chicken feat?

Ya well that kinda failed. My thighs have become more bff than ever and there’s no way to separate them.

Anyhoooo, one more day to weekend! Though I have a presentation on Saturday, but f it, just get it over & done with!

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