It happened about 3 weeks ago on 6th Sep. It was a Friday evening, the first drinking session with my new company.

It was actually my first drinking session that is working related.

Anyways, venue was Beer Market, Clark Quay, a bar that I’m all too familiar with.

After a few beer, they brought out the hard liquor. And after too many of the “IF YOU BOTTOM THIS UP I’LL PASS YOUR CONFIRMATION!” from my bosses & fellow colleagues, I became heavily intoxicated.

I was still able to maintain my image, thanks to the tiny voice in my brain telling me I cannot ruin myself in front of my colleagues & bosses.

But after a few more rounds of challenges, I was down for the night.
But by then, most of my colleagues was gone, so they did not see the hideous drunkard in me.

On Saturday morning, I woke up in the midst of my own vomitus. Not so good. Took a jab & clean myself up.

There were a little of hell that followed, mainly doubts of my alcohol tolerant level, and of course my self-defense against touchy guys which I was so proud of but evidently non-existent during my intoxicated state.

On Monday morning, I was named the Best Drinker of my team by my bosses.

So it was confusing for me. I thought I’d have to face the walk of shame down my office corridor for my lousy alcohol tolerant level but wonderful surprise instead.

But anyway, after that incident, I get seriously doubted & not trusted whenever I go for “drinking session with colleagues”, also known as “gonna get shittyly drunk & taken advantage of”.

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