What is it like to be 25?

It is like having a cut & worrying about it leaving a scar because your body is no longer that regenerative.

It is like inserting a tampon & thinking how loose your vagvag has become even before giving birth.

It’s like having fried food for dinner & tummy upset the next day because your digestive system is no longer in full function.

It’s like seriously thinking about questions such as where will you be in 5 years’ time & not coming up with answers like “I’m gonna be a superstar” or “I’m gonna be a princess”.

It’s like looking at your bank account and reminding yourself what a failure you have been.

It’s like attending baby showers & getting questions like “what’s your turn!” filled with much more enthusiasm and seriousness than you’d like to.

It’s like spending endlessly on body oils & lotions in an attempt to salvage all the youth that you have currently.

It’s like feeling wasted for all the unfertilized eggs that you pass out every month.

It’s like checking for lumps & bumps.

It’s like reconsidering all your choice of work clothes that you bought just one year ago.

Nah, it’s not all bad.

Being 25 also makes you consider every action that you take because you are supposed to be a responsible full time adult now and any actions you take will reflect on your maturity.

Now that has got to be a good thing isn’t it?

Being 25 also makes you happier when people thinks that you’re just a fresh grad or that you look like early twenties.

Being 25 gives you enough life lessons to make you know what you want in life & be confident enough with your decision.

I think 25 is a good age. The last of early 20s. Before stepping into the rocket of no return, heading straight to the 3.

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