Everyone Has It

nerd on the bridge


Nice teeth, cute feet

Friends, sex, paycheck

Credit, car, house, spouse

Gym membership, a New York Times subscription

Flatscreen and concert tickets

Facebook fame, Twitter name, Skype, Civil Rights

Big dick, huge tits, no zits thanks to clearasil

Tumblr and an Iphone, don’t leave home without it

Windows 8 – maybe not that

Obama poster, vibrator, prozac

Nice furniture

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Everyone has it!

The Sideboob Gazette, expensive pets, private jets

An alias, a saviour, a 401(k)

Youth, truth, the right to choose

Orgasms, gluttons, overcrowded prisons

Patience, insurance, parents

Miracles, confidence, reality tv, Palestinian refugees

Plans for the weekend, honest politicians

Porno secrets, Victoria’s secret

A Push up, a pump up, performance pills

A-List, B-List, C-List, D-List Celebrities,

Whatever the hell that means

Page3 models, TV role models, paid to say „buy this please“

Birthday parties and a piece of Banksy


Everyone has it!

Blog, vlog, bus stops


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