I need to rant this.

Driving in Singapore has made me seen the worst in men. 
They’re the tiniest human, with the pettiest heart, and super loser mindset ever.

Just yesterday I was driving along Orchard room and had to make a left turn just 400-500m ahead. I was in the third lane and had to filter to the left lane.

I begin to signal left. There was a SUV beside me, so I waited for it to pass by. After like 3 seconds of waiting which I’m only left with like 200m before I need to turn left, the SUV is still beside me. I turn my head and saw that the driver was looking right at me for god knows what reason.

So I couldn’t wait any more if not I’m definitely gonna miss the turn, so I sped up and over took the stupid SUV. Not dangerously, not even so close that he had to slow down or what, I was trying not to offend him or hurt his ego.

And guess what, the fucker high beamed me. 

LIKE HELLO JACKASS? What the hell is wrong with you? I signalled for a full 5 seconds before deciding that I can’t slow down any further. WHY THE FUCK YOU HIGH BEAM ME FOR? Makes you feel manlier? HUH? You mean you need to high beam a girl in a tiny furry car with huge ass P-Plate to feel manly?

If that’s the case then fine, you’re welcome, Very glad to be able to do the honour of making you feel manly. Hope you had fun sharing it with your equally manly friends over your pillow talks about how you HIGH BEAMED  a girl. Man, that must have felt good.


FUCKER. Not even driving a branded car.
Yes branded cars have got more rights to honk me or high beam me and I’ll be slightly more forgiving, I’m superficial like that. (But actually, you will see me screaming my heads off “DRIVE BMW BIG DEAL AH?!? FUCKING SHIT IT’S JUST BMW! KISS MY ASS YOU JACKASS!” whahahaha)

But no I do not have road rage. I just feel that it is unnecessary especially for such “high beaming” incident. The only use for high beam in this scenario is to show the driver in front that you’re unhappy (speaking of which I was telling my passenger that I NEED A MOTHAFUCKING BACK-HIGH-BEAM), and that’s all. It is not to warn of any danger or what so ever.

I’d be okay if you honk me because I was driving dangerously, I’m not that ego and I accept my mistakes. But you do not high beam me just to show you’re unhappy some girl in tiny furry car over took you because you’re driving too slow. 

I’ve never high beamed or honked at any car before because usually I’m too shocked to react in time or that as long as I’m not injured, my car is not injured, it is okay.

By the way, high beam is the chickeniest way of showing your unhappiness. If you have balls and know that you’re right, you would have honked me, and made it known to everybody on the road that this car in front is dangerous. But you did not, which just goes to show how chicken you are, and also the fact that you know you’re NOT in the right.

I hope you’ll find your balls soon. I hope my tiny furry car with the P-plate will once again over take your stupid SUV soon.

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  1. Confuzius say, ‘Girl in tiny furry car make man into high-beam jackass.’
    lol. Thanks for the Sunday morning laugh.


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