Ummm. It has been a challenging week, handover all my work load, and then taking up a whole new load.

Man, this feeling sucks. The feeling of being at the top of your game, and then suddenly banished to the bottom of it. Sucks max. And I’m not able to get used to this confidence crashing transition, so um, yea feeling kinda sucks now.

But anyway, like what my manager told me, I’ll have 6 months of honeymoon period, don’t be in a rush to prove myself, and I should definitely take it slow & easy first.

I’m gonna try but I’m such a hyped up person I don’t like to lay low and be okay with being in the background. Nobody should get comfortable being in that position for long. 

Anyway, off to KL for training tomorrow and back on Tuesday. 

Have a happy short work week everybodyyyy :)

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  1. Have no idea what your new adventure is(KL!!) but I wish you lots of success and happiness in your new role. They will quickly realise what a candied ball of sweetness you are, smart and fun to have around, and above all, a priceless asset. They’ve won the lottery; they just don’t know it yet. Keep on smiling. Cheers, and the best from Berlin.

    • Thank you for the sweet message! Much much appreciated. Well I’m gonna go with the flow, the wave, the tsunami, and see where it takes me to. Thanks!


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