Recently, I’ve come to realise that patience is so important.

I found myself having to repeatedly chant “It’s okay, he’ll get retribution one day.” or “It’s okay, God will handle him.” to peace myself out.

Yea all of them happened to be men. Men are mean!

One of them USED TO (praise the lord!) be my client who did really evil stuff to me, and nearly jeopardise my future, but thank god for my own capabilities. 

Another one of them is my ex-boyfriend, whom I realised was so evil that there might be a possibility that an anti group formed by all his ex-girlfriends exist. I mean this ugly prick might already be serving his retribution for being that ugly, or perhaps his way with girls is a kind of reward from the god for having such a face.

But damn, I really wish god would speed up and do some justice to such unworthy human on his planet earth. Surely he did not create the earth to be inhabited by such disgusting human.

Retribution is such a consoling term for all the wounded. But one should not get addicted to such faith because after all, retribution comes in all form, and is subjective.

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