I’m in such a writing mood today. Must be the side effects of my weekend hibernation (alcohol-free kept me insane, except for the free flow at the wedding, I paid for it duhhhh but I was driving but still, I paid for it!)

Anyhooo, my previous entry about the wedding and how I was wrecked by my previous relationships got me all worked up again so I’m gonna take that rage, put it on a page, take the page to the stage, blow the roof off the place.

So until now, I still don’t understand why do men cheat?
Seriously, it’s a mystery to me. Believe me, I’ve been asking all the guys that I’m close with, or even, not that close with, this question and you know what’s the most popular answer I get? “I don’t know, I don’t cheat, so I wouldn’t know.” PFFFFFT TYVM SELF-RIGHTEOUS MEN.

It’s just such a juvenile thing to do, playing with feelings, risking everything. Seriously, you’d think it’s just sadness and anger that the girlfriend is gonna feel, but TRUST ME, it is much much more than that.

It’s the confidence that she’s forever gonna face, the self-esteem, it is actually more like emotional abuse AND I BET I CAN SUE THEM FOR IT. 

Of course I’ve fixed that confidence part (kinda over did it a little, I don’t know how), but still, the trauma will live with you forever.

Every single guy that you date, is gonna make you doubt. Like, really? He’s having dinner with his parents? Really? He just “wanna be alone” tonight? Really? He is “playing badminton”? 

I mean fuck, you’re mindfucked for life. It totally ruins everything that you believe in.

BUT, as my bff said, ‘No man is gonna cheat forever.” which I think is kinda true (I HOPE).
At some point, every man is gonna stop cheating (nah I still hope both my exes continue to cheat, their new gf shouldn’t have it so easy), and perhaps the right woman is gonna make him stop cheating.

Okay, I’m just really gonna go pinterest and sleep soon, so I’m not gonna take the rage with me to bed, I don’t like that. 

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