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    #throwback to our #sundate at #totemsg which was really really really good. I couldn't have been more wow-ed. 🎠🎪🎭 First to go over, last to get my pass 😤After more than 6 months of waiting, my pass is finally here! Thanks for the memories #Covidien, you've been a wonderful learning journey for me. To further, and beyond! #medtronic #goodbyecovidien ♡Little-naughty-but-still-my-fav-cutie-pie♡ Don't you just love coincidental mini drinking session?🍻🍻 Having dinner with the horses 🐪 Ahhh the weekend.. #throwback #weekendcomeback #flamingothatalmostmurderus #forreal #zouking with the fiancé and #steveaoki October babies enjoying our Saturday ~ #floaty #amarasanctuary #octoberbabies Can't wait!!!!!! @shrlyng @zhengxinzi @ohmykexin @ladywithlunch  #birthday #katyperrytheme #girlsnightin #girlsjustwannahavefun Peripheral Artery Disease🏃🏻🈲Repost @mrs_angemi with @repostapp.
Sorry to disappoint you! This is not a worm!!!! These are actually large plaques that formed in the arteries of the leg. This is baddddddd news. The arteries of the leg are like straws that bring blood with oxygen all the way from the heart down to the feet. If a person forms disease in the arteries it is called PAD or peripheral vascular disease. This is more likely to happen to the vessels as we age and 1 in 3 people will have this by age 70. Guess what increases your chances of vascular disease??? You guessed it- cigarette smoking!!!! Also diabetes. The arteries are normally smooth inside the "straw", but as you age, they can become blocked through a process called atherosclerosis, which means hardening of the arteries. Over time, a sticky substance called plaque can build up in the walls of the arteries. Plaque is made up of cholesterol, calcium, and fibrous tissue. As more plaque builds up, the arteries narrow and stiffen. Imagine theses pieces of plaque in this photo being stuck is someone's arteries!!!! Eventually, enough plaque builds up to reduce blood flow to the leg arteries. When this happens, the leg does not receive the oxygen it needs and it can begin to die (gangrene). At first, the plaques are removed in hopes to re open the "straw" and return oxygenated blood to the leg. This will hopefully save the leg and prevent the patient from having gangrene and in turn an amputation. 
#iheartautopsy #thepasdesk #pad #med #medical #medicine #smoking #stopsmoking #cigarette #diabetes
  • Twitter: @candeely


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