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  • Instagram: @candeely

    Our favorite evening walk made him so tired. I think we had more fun than him! 😛 #sundaybrunch Tearing up as I write this... Goodbye Taylor! You've been my best friend for the last 4 years.. You're the first car I bought and owned, with my very own hard earn money. And you've served me so well. You taught me what responsibility is.. And we've been through so much together! I hope your next owner will treat you well. Goodbye Taylor...😢 Late night chitchat with my wisdomy and most hardworking Covidien ladies about our LA LA LAND ♧ My xlb - meaty and juicy on the inside ♡ You have no idea how difficult it was to get both the babygirls and the frenchie to look at the camera and also, how difficult to find a suitable filter to show his facial features! Can I show off my awesome now?
My valentine bought me sunflowers, cook me his signature steak and wineee. Thank you my lovely valentine! @arence Nom nom nom "Wa I look so good! Must post!" - guess who May the huat be with our team this rooster year!🐓💰💹 #TEAMAPV
  • Twitter: @candeely

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