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  • Instagram: @candeely

    Closing lunch with my girls! I didn't hit but that doesn't mean I can't celebrate 💁 Just like the good old Fridays! Been too long. #covidien #goodtimes #tgif Another beer. Another night. #greenbeergreenhusband This picture pretty much sums up our relationship - him feeding me all my favorite food to make me a happy fat wife. And I'm forever grateful for his love. #thislove #happyfatwife #happywifehappylife 
On the side note, this picture was taken abt 3 weeks ago in Mt Aso where it was still all peaceful. Praying for this beautiful land and the lovely people we met in kyushu. #prayingforkumamoto #mtaso High-tea with my girls. Happy birthday ouyang! We love you so much! Much more than 2 hours worth 😏 Hello ol sport. #teamsteamboat #yums #happy3friends Bye Japan! Bye Sakura! Bye milk ice cream! Bye vacation! I had the best time. Like what our tour guide said, four words to describe Japan - 净▪静▪境▪敬 🗻 # Japan #japanlovin' #sakura Poor 10 years old Yumi-chan carrying a very heavy 28 years old Candy-chan. 🐴😅 💕
  • Twitter: @candeely


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