So I was listening to the radio & they were doing a tribute for Mother’s Day.
It’s called –

“What I got from my mother”

Which was kind of interesting, and got me thinking too.
So here goes:

Evidently, I got her eyes and her lips.
That’s all that I can see from the surface.
I didn’t get her height, nor her thin straight hair. Not her naturally straight teeth too. Or her good skin.
And I didn’t get her nose too, which I think it’s okay.

Oh but I did get her fair skin which I’m soooo thankful for!

But I did get her emotions, her weakness. Which I struggled with for 20 over years. And fought hard against as of now.

I got her neatness which I’m so thankful for (you should see my sister). Her skills of doing housework efficiently. Her fondness of cooking. Her sewing. Well pretty much all the housewife materials, I got them.

Of course I’m not as good as she is. She’s a terrific housewife. But I still have time to catch up, and don’t see myself retiring to a full time housework in near future.

And I got her sympathetic soft heart.
I have weak will, and I give in easy. I cannot see old people in a bad state. And I cannot see beggars or learn about people’s unfortunate life.

I also got her, how should I put it, the attitude of being the good wife behind the ego husband.
I know my dad, he’s not easy to handle. He’s very protective of this girls & he wants everything his way. But my mom is so good with that, it’s like they’re in sync.

And I can totally be like that. Letting my husband takes charge & leave all big decisions to him.

My mom is a very lady, lady. She has all the characters that you can read out in a book that describes women in general.

I think I’m a good mixture of both my parents. Well let’s wait till Father’s Day to see what did I get from my dad then.

Thank you mommy for giving me a healthy body & fair skin & thin lips & big round eyes & one double eyelid :)

Thank you for giving me sensitive emotions that many are lack of.
And for passing on to me the basics of being a woman.

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