Sorry, it’s been a wrecking evening.
I know what I’m going through but I can’t find a name for it.

Maybe it’s my hormones, post menstrual syndrome.

Or maybe it’s because I’ve been stuck on the same level on Candy crush since Friday night. And the previous level wasn’t even completed by me.
Making me feel like a complete retard.

Or maybe it’s about the talkings, with everybody.

Or maybe just because it’s Monday.

Whatever it is, it is one of those days where everything just piss you off.

And the bad thing about going through such bad days without a boyfriend is, there’s nobody to take your frustration out on.

You can’t go like “what kind of fucking smelly perfume are you wearing?! Fucking get the hell away!”

Or like “where the hell have you been! I could have been dead you ass!”

This is why I am single.
I’m a psycho girlfriend.

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