In life, there’re a few things that I think are too stupid and should not exist.

1) Regrets

Whatever bad decisions you made in the past, contribute directly to who you are today, your character, your personality.

Never regret anything that you do, or didn’t do.

And I meant it. Regrets are useless emotions that force you to live in the past, to live in sadness, in guilt, In a truckload of negativities.

What’s the point in that?

Bad decisions are lessons for you to learn from.

I used to expect my ex boyfriends to regret what they did to me, but really, what’s the point? It’s a useless idea.

2) The “If only”

That’s a stupid thing to think.
It’s a creation of an image, an event, that you wished it is happening but in reality, it is not.
And you’ve just wasted like few mins of your live comparing how nice the “imagination” is as compared to the reality.

Stupid. Complete waste of time.
No matter how long you take to think about the “If only”, the reality is not gonna change.

Wake the fuck up.

3) Advises

Advises are lame.
Nobody actually asks for them.
When people ask for advises, they’re actually asking for encouragement.

They’ve already got the answer in their minds, it’s the little push that they need.

And no, I hate people giving advise when I never ask for one.

Let me learn my lesson.
My life would be too smooth sailing if I take on everybody’s advise.

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