Pardon me for the emotional entry that’s coming up.
For I had too much drinks.
A couple of jäger misters to tequila to gin & tonic to champagne.

It’s ladies night. What do you expect from a hot lady? Free drinks all around ;D

I’m craving hot soup (instant noodles or ba kut teh) like I always do after a night of drinking.
And dear daddy is still awake when I got home. He’s waiting for me & he loves me, I know. So I let him stay awake.
He’ll worry if I cook instant noodles now.

So, craving for food PLUS couple of that shots, I’m all set for misbehavior, sluttiness to a certain degree, and emotional feelings at the end of it.

So first accomplishment, I checked off a resolution that I secretly wish to accomplish this year (still): QUEUE CUTTING & FREE ENTRY (for two some more!). Proud max.

Initial reaction when approaching bouncer alone: “Act innocent, act blur, act bimbo, act! Just act”.

Hah! Worked like wonder.

Next, free drinks. CHECKED.

I’m still 20. I’m good.
Happy ladies night! ❤

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