Because I’ve been sitting here, on this chair, for the passed 2 hours, flipped through 5 outdated magazines, read through 4 famous blogs, and going out of my mind I’m beginning to count the number of hairs I have on my arms, just to get some color for my hair.

Therefore, I’m gonna write random-nonsensical stuff.

• Men are such a nag.
I don’t know why do they always say women are the naggy ones when clearly, men are the holy naggy cows.

“Please put your P plate.”
“Please drive carefully.”
“Please return your library books.”
“Please remember to have your dinner.”
“Please take the medicine.”

• There are so many types of people. Some genuinely care for you, really concerned about you, while some just merely wanna make use of you.

There’s always a lesson behind every disaster.
And one lesson I’ve learned from this minor car accident is that really, some people don’t really care about you.

It’s not that I’m badly injured or something, it’s just that this considered something out of ordinary.

The response I get from some people are just really politically correct consolation, a line or two, and then immediately moving on to talk about their stuff.

Bitch please, I just came out of a car crash alive!

Okay that’s not the point.
The point is, it really made me realize that some people are just making use of my constant encouragement, and 24/7 listening ears.

And when it’s time for me to receive the same kind of response from them, I got none.

So there it is.

• I’ve just created a Weibo account.
Just so I can follow Xiao S.

I am so lame, I know. But guess who else is on Weibo?
Lee Hom!

I am so chinese now.

• I’m on diet until CNY.
Because I don’t wanna be the fat & ugly single younger sister.
I wanna be the 25 & rocking the world fabulous awesome younger sister :D

• I am always a nice person unless I’ve known you for a longggg time, then you should know that I snap like a bitch.

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