I had my first accident today.
Suddenly feel like my life is an accumulation of bad lucks & they are just overflowing out now.

It was obviously very heart wrenching for me to see my two-week old car being crashed, with all the dents & scratches.
Everything on the left side is damaged.

Can you feel my heart bleeding?


It needs to be sent for repair & will be away from me for at least the next two weeks.
I feel so handicapped.

I miss her already little furry car :(

What happened wasn’t my fault.
I was driving straight towards the exit & passing the cross junction & she came from the left crashing directly into my car.

Both had no stop/give way signs.

Just really bad luck.

Anyway, thank you everybody for all the concerned “are you alright?”.
That’s truly the most heartwarming reply to receive when you get into an accident.
And those who helped me, truly grateful for their presence.
I’ve never felt more lost than being in an accident by myself.
My entire life has been under such meticulously controlled situations & I’ve always claimed to be able to handle situation.

But nah, I panicked & was so lost. The only thing I manage to do was not to cry.
Which I didn’t.

Thank you.

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  1. How did this happen? :(

    • Yea it’s so bad :(
      Was in a carpark & going straight for the exit and she just came from the side driving straight into my car :(


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