2012 :D


My PINK Chinese Year New :D


This was Ladies Night, if I remember.


Chinese New Year visiting with my girls ❤❤


Dinner with my Dowed ladies, awww I miss them!


Okay this is very significant – My $10 mole removing experience, which technically could possibly changed my life as they say that mole (especially those on face) are very auspicious and could signify something huge in your life.

I removed mine!


Lewis and I! Strangely nice because this is the year that I started going party with my cousin, whom prior to this “reunion”, barely spoke to me, not even during CNY and is considered a rare guest in my family gatherings.

But now, he’s already pretty much as ass to me (in a good way…).

This is a significant year for my life because I fell in love with SALADDD. Something that I’ll never ever touch before this.

And this is the year that I went REDDDDDD ❤❤



My BFF Jeannie who survived all my major ups and downs with this year. We got really really close this year and she’s someone that really warms my heart deeply ❤❤

She’s the one who held my hand the entire time while I cried over a heartbreak. The one who came all the way to the driving centre to pick me up when I called her and told her that I had failed my driving test and had also found out that my (then) boyfriend had cheated on me and I can’t handle the overwhelming emotions anymore.

She’s the one who made the taxi driver turn round and round while we figure out a place that I could settle in.

And then solemnly held my hand the entire time while I sobbed endlessly and disgustingly on my bed.

Babydoll I ❤ YOU!


And here is Angie whom I caught ArmyDaze and endless movies with. She’s my sushi/movie buddy of the year :D


This is a picture that I really love of myself and felt that this period could have possibly been the prettiest I can ever be. I was definitely at my slimmest and best hair condition ❤❤


And I started baking cheesecake and tiramisu (which I’ve stopped lately due to laziness.)

This period (April – September) is the period where I was rather happy because someone came into my life. Nevertheless of how it ended, what mattered was that I was indeed happy while it lasted:






Derek Lai, you may have been a jerk towards the end, but I guess it’s safe to say, we had a good run.

He’s the first boyfriend I had that had a tattoo, that drove expensive car, that cooked really delicious meals for me, and one that actually rather inspire me while we were together.

So I would say, yes we had a good run while it lasted.


So here’s one major mistake I committed in 2012 – PERMED MY PRECIOUS HAIR. Omggggg I feel like dying everytime I think about it :(
It totally made me so ugly and totally ruin my otherwise perfect hair.

I partied, hard, as hard as all these years that I’ve been!


My girlfriend got engaged! Younger than me, and also one of the first of my girlfriend to have gottenengaged!


And I made some amazing colleagues this year! Especially Kel, who has been a huge part of my Somnotec life.



MODERN FAMILYYYYY! My new love of 2012.

20120805-120838.jpg 20120805-120816.jpg

Oh and I finally got to attend the National Day Parade this year which was fabulous and such happy event! (courtesy of Mr Derek Lai)


September: I finally straighten my hair. Mad happy that I look so much normal now.

20120921-140934.jpg 20120928-233303.jpg

September also marks the arrival of my new lovebun – Le Xuan! My little koala bear who is staying at my house until she’s old enough to go school. Such a bundle of joy. Always looking forward to come home to her crying and also little cutie face ❤❤


October! MY MONTH! It’s my annual birthday month!

This year’s celerbation was at Marina Bay Sands, which is like sooo expensive and not worth it fyi.

20121007-025250.jpg 20121008-202544.jpg

Of course, not forgetting the awesome theme – PIN UP GIRLSSS ❤❤

And then my second birthday celebrations with my baby dolls. It’s always the best when we’re all together, happy and chirpy :D

And guess whose concert we went this year! DAVID GUETTAAAAAAA!!!


And then I started curling my hair again which made me look so good but takes like 1 extra hour to prepare.


And a certain mister appeared, again.

This is also the year that I went USA! Such a major event! Flying solo all the way to the other side of the earth.

20121028-044657.jpg 20121031-023929.jpg

Baltimore, with Hurricane Sandy. I survived a hurricane! Beat that.

20121104-230132.jpg 20121104-230215.jpg

Finally visited Grand Central Terminal where Justin Timberlake did a flashmob for Mila Kunis on Friends with Benefit ❤❤


And of course, finally finally arrived at Central Park after endless episodes of FRIENDS. Really, such a bucket list.

20121106-002536.jpg 20121108-001948.jpg 20121109-015604.jpg

And at 24, I finally had my first snow experience. And it’s smack right in the middle of NYC.
I can still remember what it was like, and how fabulously beautiful it was that I literally wanna cry.


Yes Statue of Liberty.


And the more travelling for work. It’s a fruitful year I believe.


More partying with my partner-in-crime all the way till end of the year❤❤




Such major accomplishment because I wanted it so badly and it hasn’t been easy! It cost me almost $3k to get it and I just really wanna cry like boohoohoo when I finally achieve it.


Ah ha, my first car wash! You have no idea how symbolic it is!


My second major event of the year, MY BFF ASKED MY TO BE HER MAID OF HONOR!

For years, I waited for her prince charming to come. And for months, I waited for her to ask me to be her maid of honor ❤❤

Last but not least, our annual Christmas celebration – Green & Gold is our theme for this year.

I ❤ 2012!

You’ve taught me so much – to be strong, to have trust, to have faith, to survive whatever that may befall on you.

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