Oh how I hate you social obligations.

You’ve made my social network unbearable, & you’ve made my social skills excel.

Ooooh just how much I hate to see the pictures I don’t wanna see, read the words I don’t wanna read, understand people whom I’d rather remain as acquaintances, dislike the people whom I’d rather not have any feelings towards, which therefore increasing the general number of people that I feel negatively towards (which FYI is already sky-high. I’m not easy.)

You suck.

Just how much I wanna unfollow certain people on twitter & Instagram but yet cowardly not dare to offend them in case they find out.

And all the pictures that I am obligated to “like”.
Kill me, kill me now.

I must have attained the highest level of hypocrisy, having had a significantly high level of intolerance towards most human flaws.

Maybe one day I’ll quit all social networks & finally break free from my hypocrisy. Only meeting people that I like in real life.

That I can do multiple roll-eyes in front of people I am comfortable with.

I am not difficult, I just have a very low tolerance to idiocy.

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