Okay, here are the reasons why I should pass my driving test tomorrow:

1) To evidently prove that the reason why I failed my first attempt was because of stupid ex-boyfriend and has nothing to do with my driving skills

2) To prove that I am not a bimbo who can’t even drive an auto-car

3) To prove that god really exist

4) To prove that Santa really exist

5) To prove that I am a responsible, real adult

6) So that I can finally buy the P-plate

7) So that I can delete the Taxi-app on my hp

8) So that I can finally wear my 6-inches to work

9) So that I will not spend another $300 & enter my last stage of financial crisis

10) To prove that I’m not delusional when I say that I can drive

11) So that I can sneak out at night to answer booty call anytime I want & not be judged by cab-drivers

12) So that I can finally go for carwash

13) So that I can go back to office with pride

14) So that I can be a better sales rep

15) So that I don’t need to cry tomorrow

16) To prove that birthday wish does exist

17) To be able to ramp my car against bastards and protect women’s rights

18) Because I really really wanna pass, sincerely.

19) Because I’ve just selflessly wasted a prayer on my case that cocked up just now (which worked), so I think I really deserve to get this prayer work too

20) Because I’ve been a good girl & had a bad year?

I’m gonna stay up until 12 midnight to read my horoscope for tomorrow and see what’s my predicament.


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