Totally bored in my hotel room.
Should be sleeping but I wanna watch AMA, which is oh-so-good.

I wanna be like Gwen stefani.
She’s too damn hot. Especially given her age. It’s crazy.
No Doubt rocks ❤

I don’t like that Justin Bieber defeated Usher. It just doesn’t make sense at all.

And I don’t like that Taylor Swift always wins. It’s like, there might as well not be any other nominees.

Kelly Clarkson, is expanding :O

Good night Bangkok!


So, I heard the Singaporeans went mad last Friday because a lot a lot of k-pop super stars came for a concert.

Well I got one thing to say about k-pop, and that’s:


He pretty much sums up my entire knowledge of k-pop.
He is my k-pop. He might as well be the only Korean in South Korea, I wouldn’t mind at all.

I have weird friends asking me to hit Butter factory on Thursday night (aka, k-pop night).
Or acquaintances totally classifying me as k-pop fan (because I look like one).

So just to clear up the confusion & judgement, I’m not.
My k-pop is only Choi Siwon.

He looks familiar doesn’t he.
And we’ll look so good together.
Oh yes we will.


Bye bye!
Traveling alone to BKK for work.

I’m beginning to really hate budget airline.
The queue for check in was 30 mins.
Fellow passengers are like the meanest & rudest people on earth.

It’s just very very frustrating when people cut your queue.


It’s one month away from Christmas
Can’t wait for this wonderful season to come.


Waking up to a rainy Sunday.
Somebody tell me what’s happening?

I wish I don’t have to fly today.
I’ve made plans to laze around.

The wind-up bird forgot to wind my spring.


I’m so broke, I need to do my financial planning already.

So in DEC:

• Xmas gifts : $150

Really cutting down.
Last year I was such a Santa Claus giving out so many presents.
This year, no more Miss Santa.

So just the girls & my sister.
Sorry to all the rest, no present from secret Candy this year.

• Xmas celebration : $100

Ascott, like every other year :)

• Mommy’s birthday : $xxxx

I have no idea I don’t wanna think about it I’m afraid to think about it.
Lets face it, it’s her 50th birthday.
It may be like a wedding.

• Potential rebooking of driving test : $350

Fml if I fail on 7th again, it’s another $350. Fml fml.

• Weekend partying : $xxx

No idea. Few normal weekend plus the big New Year countdown!

So that seem more than I can afford. Oh how I hate & love December.


In an attempt to cheer self up.
This is pretty good.


“Are you laughing at my jammies?”


I’m really overwhelmed with work.

But I’m grateful, it’s our Thanksgiving dinner tonight.
We gonna eat we gonna bitch we gonna eat even more and we gonna bitch even more. And then we gonna give thanks.

So not thanksgivingy.


How can you not know how I’m feeling?



Angelo’s farewell again!
I wonder when will he be back again.
His first farewell in May.
Wow how time flies.
And how we changed.


Friday, you can kiss my ass.


He is beyond words.
He never gets old.


Oh I’m so tired even though it’s Friday already.
But I’m still wishing it’s not Friday yet because I have so much work not yet done and when I’m back on Tuesday, it’ll be action time already.

And you know what I hate most about weekend and work entertainment? The food. Man, diet plan screwed because not eating during such times is socially not acceptable.

*please don’t let the hotel in BKK be haunted*



My date night with bobochacha for Aaron Kwok/Andy Lau/Eddie Pang/ETC


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