I’m so broke, I need to do my financial planning already.

So in DEC:

• Xmas gifts : $150

Really cutting down.
Last year I was such a Santa Claus giving out so many presents.
This year, no more Miss Santa.

So just the girls & my sister.
Sorry to all the rest, no present from secret Candy this year.

• Xmas celebration : $100

Ascott, like every other year :)

• Mommy’s birthday : $xxxx

I have no idea I don’t wanna think about it I’m afraid to think about it.
Lets face it, it’s her 50th birthday.
It may be like a wedding.

• Potential rebooking of driving test : $350

Fml if I fail on 7th again, it’s another $350. Fml fml.

• Weekend partying : $xxx

No idea. Few normal weekend plus the big New Year countdown!

So that seem more than I can afford. Oh how I hate & love December.

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