3 days to thanksgiving.
List of things to be thankful for:

1) My age.
Thank god for mid-twenties.
I mean, I’m at the prime of my life. I truly am.
I can party up all night, I can make mistakes & blame it on my age, I can make decisions & then still have time to change it, I still have such a long journey ahead.

2) Being a sweet-tooth
Yes. It tells me that nothing is worse than it seems, and there’s always a cure for it – dessert.

I can’t imagine people who are not a sweet tooth & their life is just as good as it can be. Nothing more.

3) My confidence
I have a weird, surprising sense of confidence which I don’t know came from where. I’m not as best as I should be but in my head I’m already brilliant.

4) My sister
She’s my role-model, my inspiration & my best friend.
I can’t express my thanks enough of having an elder sister like her in my life.
She don’t make good decisions all the time but she makes me feel better when I do that too.
And she’s so confident, she may be the reason why I am confident too.
She’s the only person in my life who would scold me for whatever wrong things that I do, such as crying over ex-boyfriend. She would literally knock sense into me. I mean I’m thankful for my girlfriends who would lend me their shoulders but that would get me nowhere.
Only she has the power over me, and knock some serious sense into me.
And she’s always positive & optimistic. She doesn’t think too much.
I know I once said that if I ever have a daughter, I would want her to have my characteristics. But now, come to think of it, I think I would want her to have my sister’s characteristics (except for her untidiness, god please).

5) My job
I know I don’t talk about my job enough & more often than not, I’m ashamed of it.
I’m ashamed that I sold my nursing skills for money. And I don’t think it’s as impressive as nursing. It doesn’t save lives, it’s a sales job marginally related to nursing.

But I am thankful that I’m given this opportunity to build myself up.
This job gave me more opportunity than nursing ever would. To build myself up in a way I never think I would be able to.

It taught me to be super independent, to be confident, to fake confidence when you’re seriously not confident at all.

It taught me to be stand up for myself, introduce me to the dog-eat-dog world, to be finally not be protected.

It forces me out of my comfort zone, made me meet all sort of people, many who inspire me much more than any nurses ever would.

It made me discover another side of me, I always thought I’ll be a nurse my entire life, being the giver & always sacrificing. But this job made me a bad ass, in a good way.

It taught me how to walk in high heels, everyday, even when my feet are already swollen. How to find the energy to dress up, everyday. How to find the time to put on make up, everyday. How to have the patience to curl my hair, everyday.

And how to deal with mean people. I mean in nursing, if people are mean to you, you can always bring it up to your “nursing union”. But not in sales, you gotta suck it up & deal with it.

I don’t love love my job but I know I’m on the right track. Having a job that matches your characteristics & unleash your potential is so important.
And having a good manager helped so much.

Okay! More to come tomorrow!
It’s the week to be thankful!

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