This USA trip made me realize so many things about myself:

• I don’t like to travel, I’d rather spend money on things where I can see.
Traveling is buying memories.

• I’m a lazy traveller. I don’t like sightseeing, I don’t like too much walking, I don’t like taking pictures all the time.

• (which brings us to..) I don’t like spending time to take pictures. I don’t. I don’t care if the lighting is good or if the angle is bad. I see a building, I take one picture of it if I like it or if I know what building it is.

• I don’t like those architectural building. Yes I don’t know how to appreciate them.

• I’m just really into shopping. I would spend the entire week in the shopping district rather than to see some buildings that I don’t even know what they are.

• Holy shit I am really independent & can really take good care of myself. And I trust myself more than anyone else.

• I’m braver than I thought.

• I’m a moody traveler. I have a no-talk policy before breakfast. And anytime that I feel tired or bored or irritated.

• I can get ready in one hour. With hair & make up all done.

• I am not ego. I ask for directions all the time.

Mmm that’s about it.

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