Transiting in Narita airport.
Omigod I cannot believe how irritatingly whiny I am when I’m sick.
Bloody cannot stop complaining but I’m really feeling so miserable especially after that long flight :(

And then had to be stopped at every custom check because I had a bottle of medicine which is over 100mls & had to be tested for I don’t know what. Drugs or bomb maybe? No idea how they test it too.

And my damn nose is so damn blocked it’s increasing my inner face pressure especially when landing and giving me such bad pain in my sinus area!

On another brighter note!

I wanna come so badly.
I wanna just go out of the custom & not get onto my flight back to SG.

Look! Just 1hr transit & I bought like so many items which are definitely way more than I can carry.

And they have the cutest stuff.
And the nicest people.
Sooo polite omg.

The queue for the luggage check was held up by some passengers for like 30 mins & I can’t even be angry with them because they were being so damn polite & nice!
And cute.
I mean.. Japanese! Such nice genes to have.

And I bought this funny mask to use on the flight later because the dry cold air is seriously getting to me.
So cute! Such weird invention!


Can’t wait to land in SG & get all my stuff & luggages into the cab & head home.
So tired I swear.

Yet dreading to get home because I’m the type who has to unpack before I sleep.
If I don’t, I can’t sleep.


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