Just arrived in New Jersey for training this evening.

Nope, no flooding. Probably not in my area.
No TV though :( Cus the cable is out.
And apparently my hotel is the only building around this area to have electricity & water.
The rest of the area is out of it.
And such unstable wifi in my room!
Imagine, no TV no wifi. I’m in some desert or something.

Hope everything settles fast.
Can’t wait to get my ass to NYC.

I’m so tired I’m gonna fall asleep soon.
Training starts tomorrow & I’m so lazy.

Went mall this morning.
Spent $200usd in last than 2 hours.
I’m not looking forward to NYC already.
Imagine the damage.

Anyway, here’s a beautiful picture of the Delaware Memorial Bridge taken by yours truly while on the way to NJ :)
The rep from my principal company drove a sports car. In awe throughout the 3 hours drive :O


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