Scars of my life –

Right knee: Bad fall during Netball practice when I was 11 (yes I used to be sporty).

Left knee: Also, bad fall during Netball practice.

Below my chin: Epic fall during a “race” with my sister to see who can walk the fastest outside Aljunied MRT station when I was 9. Bled all the way to my grandma’s house.

Behind my right leg: Painful burnt mark by the motorcycle exhaust pipe in Phuket when I was 22. Biggest scar to date & I fucking regret it.
Roughly 4cm by 3cm. Fucking big.

Had a bad quarrel with then-boyfriend after the burn because he couldn’t stop blaming me for standing too near to the exhaust pipe.
Obviously piss me off even more because I WOULDN’T IF I KNEW IM GONNA GET BURNED.

Behind my right leg again: A smaller burnt mark again by motorcycle exhaust pipe when I was 10. I leaned in to take a look at the rear view mirror.

Dad’s bike & I didn’t cry because I didn’t think it was a big deal. And dad didn’t know about it. Not even until now.

Right foot: Small burnt mark again (fml) by motorcycle exhaust pipe.
Got it during my motorcycle lesson when the bike fell & the exhaust pipe landed on my right foot.

Conclusion: I should fucking keep away from motorcycles from now on. And avoid all sports. Or races.

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  1. You’re like a female athlete with all the injures and scars you have had. Eeek!


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