Bye bye world of 1Q84.

Now we’re back to 1984.

The end.

An overwhelming sense of nausea overcame me (might be due to the period pain).
So after all, this was indeed a love story.
A love that involved a religion, assassinations, powerful people, the Little People, a concept of Dohta & Maza, the voice, Air Chrysalis, a book & the two moons.

As usual, I get the horrible sense of emptiness when I finish a book.
Especially one that is 925 pages long.
And been with me for weeks.

It’s really, like a short term but truly intense relationship. Someone that you devote a huge amount of time, a huge amount of concentration, to study & learn every character of it, over a short period of time.

And then you went into it. Totally into it.

But it has to end so soon, so sudden, so unwillingly.

I guess all good things do come to an end some time. It can’t go on forever. Life is never that good.
Some can last for 2000 pages, some, merely 925 pages.

Thank you 1Q84, you’ve been good. You’ve been with me through some really dark days & took my mind off some really dark matters.
You’ve got me hooked for weeks & kept me at peace throughout.

And you returned me part of the solace that I lost.

Till we meet again.

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