I’m bloody stuck in between feeling overjoy for yet another of my girlfriend getting married soon


Feeling utter disbelief & disgust at the discovery of an affair where I was right in the middle of it but failed to notice it happening right before my eyes.

Which leads to,

The total lost of faith in marriage & men. Okay maybe and women too.

Omg here I am in total happiness congratulating my girlfriend about her moving forward taking this huge step into her future, and yet at the exact same time thinking oh my what has happen to the sanctity of love & marriage.

How can a guy cheats & goes home to face his wife & two children everyday, sleeps on the same bed with the wife or even making love to the wife thinking about another woman’s naked body & the sex that they just had.

It’s downright disgusting & despicable.

How could he play with his children & behaving like nothing happened that he did not just slept with another woman who is not their mother.

I know I’m so over reacting here but oh my god I cannot believe that any human would be so cruel enough to do that. And the fact that it’s pretty common in the society we live in makes me pray for end of the world this December to be true. Seriously this should not be happening.

When you say your vows you meant it for life. You do not decide to take a break in between & go have an affair with someone who is not the mother of your children while she is actually at home taking care of your children.

I cannot tolerate this at all.
No matter what problems you are going through in your marriage or family right now, it’s never a reason good enough for you to cheat. Never ever.

It’s not even about your children that you’ve let down, what about your wife? What did she do to actually deserve this?

Okay I’m going overboard with the whole thing. Just a little shocked with this huge discovery. Needs to stay calm & focus on positive thing, like my dearest girlfriend’s wedding.

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