Things that happen in the movie that will never happen in real life

1) Breakfast in bed – I don’t like to eat before brushing teeth.
And I always have full bladder in the morning.
Going to the toilet for wash-up & then back to bed for breakfast seems a little trying-too-hard-to-achieve-romantic-breakfast-in-bed.

2) Waking up pretty – bitch please. Who wakes up pretty! Who wakes up without oily face & soggy eyes.

3) Exchanging lives – Peeing in some fountain & get lives exchanged.
If that is possible, please lemme exchange with Blake Lively.. Miranda Kerr.
Okay forget it, I want Kate Middleton’s.

4) Jogging early in the morning in the park with awesome sunshine looking fabulous & with lots of other joggers who happen to look like Ryan Reynolds.

Firstly, waking up to jog is already impossible. That is quite a once-in-lifetime thing & I’ve already clear that from my bucket list when I was low & down & drunk.

Secondly, I’ll never look good jogging. Face sucks. My lungs are exploding & you can bet I sweat like a pig.

Thirdly, bitch please. It’s either there are no hunky guys in my neighborhood, or that the “hunky guys” actually meant those skinny smelly school boys on their way to school looking seriously tired & totally unwilling.

5) Awesome heartwarming delicious full spread breakfast with family before going to work/school.

My family is not dysfunctional just that nobody cooks in the morning & unfortunately/fortunately, we don’t wake up at the same time & we’re never a morning-person. Morning means grumpy cranky & seriously can’t wait to get out of house type situations.

And I don’t like breakfast.

And hash brown, scrambled eggs, porridges, toast with jam & butter, bacon & sausages, are you kidding me? That will need like 5 hrs?

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