Vit C & the flu bug in cahoot

I’m angry for falling for the Vitamin C trick.
I’ve been on that supplement, taking 2 chewable (meant for bf who couldn’t swallow pill) pills every morning for the past 3 months. And I finish the last pill on Thursday morning.
And guess what? I’m down with flu & sore throat today.

You see this is why I never ever like taking supplements.
We are human and biologically designed to be self reliant.
Adam & Eve didn’t have supplements do they??

And we human are known to take thing for granted, so do our bodies.
Once you feed them up real nice everyday, giving them the best nutrients, they start to rely on you for taking care of your body.

This is human being.

From now on, no more supplements for me.
My body needs to know who’s the boss and start to be self reliant again.

And in the meanwhile, I’m gonna boil some water for my hot tea and snuggle in bed until the bug leave my body.

Need to get it out because I’ve got a date with my girls Channing Tatum tomorrow for Magic Mike & I don’t wanna miss it because of stupid flu & weak lazy body who refuse to store Vitamin C herself.


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