I wanna go.

I’m tired.
I’ve lost interest already / I’m no longer interesting

I just wanna lie in bed & eat famous amos cookies everyday until I’m 200kgs and die in my sleep, peacefully, and just get my body thrown into the river. There’s no need for the custom-made-coffin for a 200kgs.

Well Jason Mraz says “open up your plans, and damn you’re free”.
But it’s a lie because all of us, human, are bounded by plans.
Plans are what we live for.
We don’t live like there’s no tomorrow because that’s just freaking dumb.
And we don’t live our life unplanned, because we’ll end up in the corner of the street selling tissue paper.

We will be working tomorrow, because we have plans for the future.
I get angry when they say dumb things like that.
We can’t freaking open up our plans dude.

Oh I get so unmotivated once in a while :(

So, plans for near future (but not limited to) : –

minus 4kgs / new bag(!) / new eyelids(!) / ASOS shipments to arrive / new heels / new dimples / Tina Fey’s books / finish 1Q84(!) / holiday


Okayyy. Now I feel some motivation. MMMMMMMM.

Actually, what I really really really wanna do, is to take a month off and travel to some isolated part of the world, and just eat non-stop everyday, get under the sun, and read 1Q84 with full concentration, everyday.

I think such awesome book deserves my full concentration, my full attention, just to be fair to Murakami. I mean he took friggin’ 3 years to write that.


Okay nightey-night.

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