Today is one of the day where I came back home & truly wished there was someone on my bed waiting for me to cuddle.

I was so beat. I can hardly walk another step. Feet were sore from the whole day work.

Came home to see a pile of clothes waiting for me to iron. Mom has decided that she won’t be ironing our clothes anymore. Just adds on to the frustration I already harbored deep down in me. So what? Now she’s on strike? Okay, fine.

And my back was so damn aching I need a massage.

All in all, I need someone who smells nice & is very clean, big size yet small enough to squeeze with me in my tiny single bed, doesn’t apply gel on his hair, very warm body with huge arms & biceps, don’t need a face, to cuddle me to sleep tonight.

That would be awesome.
And tomorrow morning, automatically disappear like he never existed. So I won’t have to entertain him or make him breakfast or anything.

I can a man-doll.

Oooh I’m feeling like my PMS is comingggg.
Damn emotional.

Today Nawal asked me if my PMS is the emotional type or the angry type.
Without thinking I immediately replied angry type.

Which was kinda true to some extend. But I think this month is gonna be more like emotional kind. Which I truly hate because it sucks.
At least if I am the angry type, I can throw some plates or kick some balls. Being emotional means taking the anger out on myself.

Imma read to sleep now.
Oh dreading Friday’s trip.

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