For my BFF ❤


Celebrating & rejoicing for our more than 10 years of awesome friendship.

BFF ❤❤❤

The thought of not being able to be there… Really makes my eyes tear instantly.
And then I’ll start crying like right now :(

Did you know that we met each other even before our secondary 1 class starts?

Our mommies complained to each other about the buying book queues & all in the canteen. They don’t know each other but they are both so aunty that they clicked.

I saw her in her Changkat Changi Primary school uniform & her brown chop-bob hair.
I thought she was an ah lian.

When school finally start, I saw that she was in my class.

When she told me over our random dinner, I started crying (I know I’m such a crybaby!) because I am so happy.
So happy.
It’s a kind of happiness that I didn’t think I’ll ever experience.
The kind of happiness that you feel from the most bottom of your heart.
Maybe the same kind of happiness when you see your daughter all grown up or something, I don’t know.

But I really felt so happy.

Even now as I’m typing this, elations are pouring out from my eyes.

Everybody said my reaction was so over the top but I didn’t think so. And even if it was, I couldn’t control it because it came from my heart.

We’ve been together, closely knitted, but also widely apart for 10 years.

She’s the kind of best friend that you’d hear people say as “Even if we don’t meet everyday, don’t talk everyday, but when we meet up, it feels like home.”

Our lives are separating, splitting, taking different paths, but I know everything is still right at where they were.

It’s true they say in life, you’ll only need a few true friends. The rest can come & go.

I grateful to say that I think at 24, I’ve found 2. And they are more than enough for me already.

Oh god I’m so emotional I need to stop crying everytime I think of it.



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