Saw this in Glamour.com and was totally freak out by it!

10 Nasty Habits That Can Turn Someone Off On The First Date!

1. Licking Your Fingers
I don’t care if you’re eating chicken wings in a barn, loudly licking your fingers (and then reaching that same hand back into a communal bowl!) is dis.gust.ing. Life is not a Carl’s Junior commercial!

2. Cellphone Dependency
Not being able to put your cellphone down for more than 5 minutes at a time is a huge turn-off, especially when you’re supposed to be getting to know someone.

3. Burping
If it’s a genuine, uncontrollable bodily function, then just say “excuse me.” But if it’s at all forced or prolonged, save it for a few months in?

4. Picking Your Teeth
If you wouldn’t do it in front of the President, don’t do it in front of your date.

5. Cracking Your Fingers/Neck/etc.
You’re either not the type of person who is driven insane by the sound of knuckle cracking, or you are. Assume that your date is.

6. Asking a Question, and Not Listening to the Answer
“So, where’d you go to college?”, followed by burying their face in the menu, checking their cell, or wildly looking around the room for the waitress.

7. Tipping Poorly
If you’re paying for some or all of the bill, you can bet the other person will notice how much tip you leave. Coming off as cheap or ungenerous is not attractive.

8.Cleaning Your Nails
Once I was at an (admittedly casual) restaurant with a guy, and he took a toothpick and started cleaning his nails. I died a thousand deaths, and am now writing this post as a ghost to warn future daters against doing the same.

9. Grabbing Food Without Asking
Look, you can probably have a fry. Just ask first.

10. Saying It and Spraying It
Maybe spit is hard to control, but, like….try.

Freaking out because I’m guilty of 3 out of the 10!!

Well mainly, you should be able to guess, judging from my dirty character & my disgusting personality…
You should be able to guess which few.


Can’t help it!
When I need to burp, I need to burp!
When my fingers are dirtied by the delicious food, I need to lick them!

Too strict. Too strict already.

But truth is, I’ll be turn off too la if my date does the same ;)

Well, things that seriously turn me off (meaning no more second date) will be…

Cellphone dependency
Asking a question & not listening to the answer
Tipping poorly
Cleaning your nails

Seriously if his iPhone is so much more interesting than me, then go friggin’ date your iPhone please.

And cleaning your nail!? God how dirty are they? And you’re gonna touch me with those “cleanly cleaned nails”? Eww.

Okay I’m not really generous when it comes to tipping but I’d like to knw that the guy in dating is not stingy.
Doesn’t matter if I am stingy or not!

And also, from my own experience, being rude to the service staff.

Wrong choice dude.
You mean you think you’re higher class than the waiters & waitresses?
You’d better be a president or something.

Okay if the guy can’t take my burping & picking teeth & finger licking, he can forget about it too because I am very gaseous.


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