YOU will be glad to know that my FB has been disabled all thanks to the sneaky chicken coward YOU. Thank YOU very much for creating this trouble for me on a rather busy day.

Oh yes how do u know my name is fake! My real name is


Thanks for exposing.
Nice try but better luck next time yea?

I’m trying not to be piss because it’s against my 2012 resolution and I don’t wanna be playing such games with silly people but to think that us at 24 and still doing that. Such sickening shit.

Anyway I hope it’ll be up n running again soon. Otherwise I’ll be more than happy to open a new account and get rid of all the jackass in my friend-list. The much procrastinated FB CLEANSING.

It’s a rainy Tuesday and I don’t wanna leave my office because it’s all wet out there. And I hate to walk in the rain with my new heels.

My tummy feels weird constantly these days. Mmm. Like there’s something inside. Like butterflies.

Anyway, company’s CNY dinner last night :)









Satisfied but really fattening.

I “lo” 3 lo hei this year. Much more than last few years! I think I might be very huat this year :)

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