Whew busy week!
But glad to say, I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping already! Bought most of the presents already and also my mom’s for her birthday this coming Wednesday.

Oh and I went for Terumo’s Christmas party at Sentosa ONE 15 Marina Club. Such a birds-don’t-even-lay-eggs-there place omg. But wow what a nice place to stay in! Can totally smell the riches.

The theme was Retro and I think we were the only ones who dressed up for it. Totally shit can. But it’s nice to be dressing up together :)



That’s Junichi-San, boss of Terumo Singapore. Giselle and I both agree that he must have looked dashing when he was young. Like some Japanese superstar. Haha!

Anyway went shopping with Xinzi and went to Wild Honey, which I must say, is again, totally awesome. I always say that I’m gonna try other breakfast the next time I go, but I always end up eating the English Breakfast again. Mmmm.




So exciting! Just one more week to Christmas! Im already so in the mood I don’t think I can get any more festive than this. Lol. Seriously merry.

Got all my presents done up. I spent like a lot. A lot. A lot. A lot more than what I should but I kept thinking “To hell with it! It’s Christmas and everybody deserves a present! Who needs money!”

Well of course, I need money.

Anyway the damage is done in exchanged for all these awesome nicely wrapped + nice baggies presents!


So happy. And also gotten a present of myself, a bag from Aldo! I know I really shouldn’t but I really need one! Okay this one didn’t really fit what I really need, but i think it’s okay because that’ll give me another reason to buy another one :))


Mine is in black and gold buckle and all. Can’t wait to use it on Monday!

Stay fabulous everybody!

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