Vit C

Need to load up my immunity supplements omg. Why am I sick again? This cough is so stubborn it didn’t leave me at all but hide inside me for the longest time making me think that it’s gone and then coming out for a sudden attack 11 days before Xmas.

Was listening to The Muttons today and they were saying that actually we are facing a serious shortage for Chocolate because there aren’t enough cocoa trees to continue the demand.

And researchers predict that in 20 years, a bar of chocolate is gonna cost as much as caviar!

Oh I’m so gonna stock up all the chocolates. It’s gonna be doomsday man. What are we gonna do when we need this sweet charge-up? What are we gonna do when we are having PMS?? What are we gonna do when we have strong craving? What are we gonna receive on Valentine’s day? What are we gonna do when we get our hearts broken? What are we gonna do when we wanna get some of that famous Amos!

Omg I can’t imagine life without chocolate :(
I’m so sad.

And according to The Muttons, its actually because of the China. Because they were so late in the chocolate market. Because they don’t originally eat chocolate because its a western culture. So when they started eating it, they fall in love with it so much that the demand raises above what the cocoa tree can produce.

So, awww! No more chocolate. In the meanwhile, we need to stuff ourselves with chocolate. Seriously treasure it while it’s still available n cost $1 per bar! Stock up! Stuff ourselves!

Okay weekend is ALMOST here. And then it’s the Xmas week. And then the new year week. So yay. I feel like taking 2 weeks off just to completely soak up this festive season and really celebrate life.

But I can’t.

I know I’m happy but somewhere in me, deep down, a little corner, amongst all the every other things, I feel this tiny little emotion that’s been bugging me. Like appearing out of no where to remind me of its presence. Everybody knows what it is, I know what it is, but I think if I could just ignore it and not acknowledge its presence, it’ll just give up waving hand hysterically in the air, and retreat to a dusty corner where it’ll rot to death.

I’m tired. Needs to sleep!

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