Your White Angel

Oh God. I may just be the lousiest nurse on earth. What kinda nurse doesn’t know how to inject IV? I’m embarrassed to death. I’m so ashamed of myself.

While all the noobie student nurses are studying, what was I doing?

Tapping my card and then leaving my bag in the lecture hall and then going out to hang around at the smoking corner luring for handsome dudes, perfecting my “hey do you have a lighter?” approach to guys, “accidentally” bumping onto guys, taking ugly epic photos of friends ETC.

And when we’ve all graduated, while all the caring nurses are serving bedpans, serving medication, giving injections, diluting IVs, administering IVs, I was in the theatre playing with instruments, scrubbing for laparotomy, laparoscopic cases, opening up stomachs, getting out cancerous organs, or else I’ll be like kicking flirtatiously with surgeons ETC.

While everyone was being caring and angelic, I was assisting in operations. While some may say that that is actually even more difficult and specialised, I say that Im actually throwing away all my basic nursing skills.

Oh gosh I don’t even possess the basic minimum nursing skill. I can’t even inject an IV!

So what if I’m a good scrub nurse and I can pass the right instrument? Nobody respects a nurse with no basic nursing skill. Nobody would care if I can recite the entire list of instruments needed for a laparotomy. But people care when I can’t even inject IV.

All that led me to today’s disaster.


I’m totally depressed now. I’m supposed to be writing about something else but well! Too depressed to care abt other things now.

I’m a lousy lousy lousy nurse and I don’t think I deserve to hold that license!

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