I had a wonderful day in my office spilling coffee all over my desk and some of my products and of course, the carpets.

Well the admins are not gonna be happy about it knowing how important “office hygiene” is to them and how “no food allowed in rubbish bin as it will attract pests” (like wtf? Where am I suppose to throw my leftover food then?!) is the number 1 Office Rule.

I cleaned it like 10 times ok. And I won’t be going back to my office until probably next week. I should think I’m safe unless I get a WARNING email from them or perhaps they just want my desk to rot along with me and decide to ignore the ants and cockroaches infesting my desk.

Its kinda funny because i spill the coffee right after I send the message “I’m so damn bored” to Val. Like seriously fml. I’m sorry that I said I’m bored :(

And then I went Mt Elizabeth today just to send an invoice. It just didn’t occur to me that Mt Elizabeth is in town and I was wearing my ugliest & cheapest outfit. It was a total walk-of-shame down the Orchard Road. I feel so sad.

So to say today wasn’t a good day.

Anyways… Feeling totally sick as Workshop starts tomorrow and I need to wake up at 7am tomorrow and also for the next few days. I’m so dead. Oh well.

Oh and funny thing, this morning I woke up to a “follow” from @Yongkexin but when I tried searching for her, SHE’S GONE!
Miss Yong what’s uppp??

Okay good night. I think Mom is angry with him. I felt bad for telling her the actual truth :( Oh shitsss.

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