Sunny Night

I guess it takes more than what I thought to survive this. I thought I was being pretty tough and determined. But when you are alone in a night like this, your exterior tends to come off a little.

Told Mom the news just now in the mid of grocery shopping. She was very supportive but I guess she felt sad too. For me. She kept mentioning him and asking about him these few days. She must have sensed something too.

I guess everybody’s initial reaction is gonna be like “for real?”. Cus we’ve had this game so many times. It’s hard to believe it, even for myself.

I need to be much tougher. Much tougher.

On a happier note, I’m actually really loving this christmassy feel and really looking forward to this year’s Christmas celebration! This is something that I couldn’t do last year. It was all gloomy and really faking a smiley front. This year, I anticipated it would be more or less the same, judging from the similar circumstances. But oh well, apparently I’m much better this year and I’m actually really soaking myself through this festive season! Just walking down the Christmas fair they are having in Paragon got me excited and very joyous already. I think I’m good to go.

And what’s more! This year’s festive season is really a continuation from Christmas to new year to Chinese new year! Thats a whole lot of festivities :)

This weekend im hanging at home due to very bad financial status. You don’t wanna know how much I’m left with! But it’s alright cus I’m actually quite tired.

Oh I went JB with Val n Char (+1 friend) for KTV last night. It was better than expected. And a whole lot cheaper than Sg! But I’m glad we are all safe! Never think I would survive a 3am-in-jb situation! But had no idea how we came back as I don’t remember passing by the customs. Fell a deep sleep.

I’m gonna watch tv, eat chocolate, eat ice cream, and head to sleep.

It’s a blissful Saturday at home and I should be glad that I did manage to wake up from the mess that I’ve been living in.

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