Post Trauma

Status: Still thinking about it.

Seriously I don’t think I can sleep well tonight because I just keep thinking about it.


It’s like the same as the cannibal story that made me not eat steak for like weeks. But this is much worse. Much worse. Think I’m gonna have nightmares.

And worse, Mr R is away for like 8 days. Awwwww!

Okay I need to get pass it I need to achieve inner peace and self control. Must stop thinking about it now.

Bad people will always get retribution no matter what. They will. They will. They will.

I hope that it’s gonna happen to their own daughters.

Ok peace. Peace. Peace. Keep calm keep calm.

Okay tomorrow is finally mid-week! Yay. Wednesday. I’m gonna be out whole day.

Then Thursday is gonna be the dinner. Overheard my GM saying that us girls might not be having the delicious fine dining due to budget issue. Seriously! Then why am I going! It’s not even my products! Ugh!

You know what? In view of down period and negative aura, I’ve decided to go library and get my Bridget Jones Diary again. And stay away from Haruki Murakami for this period as anything “Japan” is gonna remind me of the tragic story.

Good night everybody. Happy Wednesday. Please spread around about The Tragic Story of Junko Furuta.

Need to cleanse my aura for awhile.


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