Once A Week

Status: Overwhelmed.

Whoo. Haven’t been writing because it takes me ages to even type a sentence on this iPhone and also work has been overwhelming and also life has been overwhelming too!!

Ahhh. Tuesday today huh? Lost track already. Not that my work has been that busy. In fact it has been quite okay. I spent most of the time today being driven from hospital to hospital doing nothing much and just hoping to bump into doctors.

Oh I went for official appointment with two surgeons on monday. The first one was good. It’s with Mr Ravi, a very recognized God level surgeon who I had worked with previously in CGH. I was so afraid of him that I peed iny dress while I was waiting for him!

The second one didnt go well. Rejected in my face. Guess this is gonna become parts n parcels of my life now huh. Rejections…

Anyway tomorrow is mid week already. Can’t wait because this weekend will be the month-long celebration for my 23rd birthday!!! Wheeee!!! And also, payday this Friday I think.

Well this october is gonna be exciting for me. I hope it’s good. Everybody knows September hasnt been good. And my continuous penniless state is finally coming to an end soon. After I clear all my debts, that is.

The admins ugly people hasn’t been less irritating or less ugly. But I have grown sick of bitching about them. They are not worth that much of dismay.

I want a cat. A pure breed flat faces persian cat. Preferably white or milk or brown color.


For those who can’t see, it’s a small emo-con of praying. Whahaha.

You know I went jogging yesterday and felt so bimbo because I was wearing make up and it’s so stupid because I didn’t realize how important it is to remove make up until I start wiping black colored sweat. Apparently my lousy eyebrow pencil had came off due to the sweat and dripped all over my face. Omg.

Ok tata.

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