Real Pre Monday

Status: Starting to feel the “Monday blues”

Hi all, I’m still here, still alive, still kicking. Been busy with work and meeting up. Kind of an overwhelming week. Feel like I need to drop a gear.

Work is so far so good, except for those ugly admin people there who are truly in their own world. Their own ugly world. It’s ok that I don’t join them. But they are really the ugly office ladies/dudes. Not impressed.

I don’t know what’s my assignment tomorrow. I’m kind of bored of my sitting-infront-of-a-computer assignment already. I’ve been reading up so much I think I read more than what I read in my 3 years of nursing.

Today is the official start of my monthly PMS. I feel blue.

By the way my company gave me a brand new iPhone 4 for my work line. Very excited about it. So far, loving the photo editing apps and the games. But really hating the touch screen.

Hope to get my laptop tomorrow as my desk now is very empty. Too shy to bring things to fill it up.

I can feel my digestive health deteriorating already. I spent the whole if yesterday nursing a cramped up intestine and spent the whole of today in gastric pain. Seriously. I hope my insurance kicks in soon so I can go to the doctors. Too poor to get sick now.

Hope everything is gonna be okay soon.

Just 2 weeks away from my 23rd birthday. I wanna be happy. Sincerely do.

So in the end, we are going Fairmont Hotel! Bigger room and cheaper than MBS !! Thanks to my cousin who is working there. Think it’ll be awesome !!

Haha loving the emoji app!

I should sleep now. 



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