Me _ Ryan Reynolds

Status: Feeling all in love… With Ryan <3


Just watched Proposal again. The first time I watch it was on the flight to Melbourne. Damn I miss that. Anyway it’s a really feel-good show. Pretty hot bods, I can never get sick of it. Never get sick of Ryan Reynolds, and also never get sick of Sandra Bullocks. I mean, she’s awesome. Seeing her make out with Ryan feels much better than Scarlett-bitch making out with Ryan.

I know they say that in real life Ryan doesn’t has a good personality, very arrogant and all, but well, I don’t mind. I love him. He is definitely in my Top 10 Most Fuckable List. Okay that’s abit crude. How about a Top 10 Most Wanted Male-on-bed List? Better.


Today is Saturday and I’m at home. Yes that’s right. Spent the day watching movies and going to the toilet. Man the stingray last night came out alive.

Anyway, I found my long-lost BFF from Facebook. Actually I bumped into her and her boyfriend at TKC on the eve of Hari Raya and we were all like “AHHHH!! OMG!!!” and hugs+++. That feeling is just great.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I’m again, gonna stay at home. Okay the lack of Mr R in my life has been giving me a lot a lot of me-time. Which is good because I’ll get to reflect a lot. Like today, for instance, I realise what’s my problem and I can address to them.

Also, today I found a sentence which could possibly save my life:

“Don’t allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not”

Which I did. I allowed my wounds to transform me into this bitter miserable girl. And I am gonna get out of that. I am.


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