The Story of How I Got Sold

Status: Wheeww. Drama finally over. I feel gooood.

Seriously! Had such a disastrous few days. I can’t even sleep at night.

This is a summary of what’s been going on for the past few days [well, underneath my pretence nonchalant]: I started my new job, quit, terminated the contract, was bought over, signed another contract.

Not off to a good start.

My first day sucks! It sucked so much I wanna die. It sucked so much that I fall sick, literally high fever, the next day. It sucked so much I can’t bring myself to do that again.

Well the job was pretty much what I had expected. Just that well, the doctors suck! You should really hear me describe to you how much they sucked. They are like a total bunch of losers. And the worse thing is my then-mentor had to suck up to them, the losers! Their jokes not funny, their language is stupid, they have got no life at all. Oh how much I despise them despite their professional titles.

I was scolded by the Prof just because I didn’t tuck my hair into the cap properly. Totally publicly humiliated. I was so afraid that I pulled my false eyelashes out & threw them again. That’s $1 I’ll never see again :( And I look so damn ugly the whole day with my ugly all-tucked-hair & naked eyes.

Anyway, good news is I was approached by another company, who offered me a position of “Product Specialist” which was the original position that I was looking for. And the discipline involved is General Surgery which I’ve been trained for 3 years.

And also, they are offering slightly higher pay. And I don’t have to scrub in, meaning, I can have manicures again! Whoohoo! And eyelashes too.

So for my second day, I took MC [because I’m really sick]. On Saturday I went to the new company to discuss about further plans & they offered to buy over my 1 year contract with the previous company.

So ☃☃ hehe I was bought over.

Had a traumatic interaction with the previous company who said that I’m being unprofessional. To which I feel like replying if I’m being unprofessional, I would have quit after 1 month of training, & waste their entire 1 month of training. I did not. I didn’t wanna waste their effort.

Anyway it’s all over!
I’ve signed the contract today, & just deposited the cheque. Life is looking good again ☺

New job starts next Monday.

I can’t believe how many jobs I’ve changed since May. Like 4? Whahaha. Just well this one’s here to stay. Just hope I won’t run again.

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