My Wild Sheep Chase

Status: Happily in bed with my “Wild Sheep Chase”.

Finally tracked this book down.

* By the way if any of you don’t know what to buy me for birthday [or refuse to buy a cat for me], one great gift would be Haruki Murakami’s book. My favourite is “The Wild Sheep Chase” [but I just borrowed from the library though], “The End of The World & The Hard-boiled Wonderland”, “Dance Dance Dance”, or actually, just any other of his books but not “Norwegian Wood”, “Kafka on the Shore”, “Blind Willow Sleeping Women”, “South of the Border” [because I have already]. THANK YOU! They are very cheap & I’ll love them very very much! BEST GIFT would be 1Q84!! His new book which will be out in UK on 25th Oct. I’ll pray to you if you get that for me on my birthday. Okay that’s all.

I really do need to start planning for my birthday. I don’t know what to do but I already got a theme. Well everybody knows it’s “Barbie”. Is it gonna be at MBS? Or another Ascott rendevous or perhaps a chalet which I think is too late already.

Okay I think I’ll get the MBS if all the girls are agreeable to it. But also worried about the number of pax they’ll allow into the room. Bet they have tighter security there huh. And what will be the activities other than to swim in that over-rated pool? Dinner? And then just crash in the room & watch DVD? That sounds very Christmas. And when will we wear our Barbie costumes in that case? Mmmm. Shall discuss when I meet the girls.

I’m actually not excited about my birthday this year because I’m so broke that celebration has to be kept at a minimal. Sob.

I’m gonna read to sleep now. Suppose to act like I’m working the entire week. Not good not good.

Okay night peeps ♥

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