Status: Beautiful day but ugly me.

Awesome day out at town. Did everything that I missed for the past 2 months. I played I ate I singed.

But I got depressed when I went home & removed my make up. My face is getting more horrible everyday. Hate it. I wish I could just stay at home tomorrow & let my face rest while hiding in my room. But no such luxury. Need to go buy my office-wear shoes & also meet the recruitment agent to finish off the document work.

Getting a bit sian that work starts on Thursday. Ahhh. Why do we have to work. But thankfully I got my weekends off :) That’s so awesome. Can’t wait to just laze at home.

Today my horoscope reads:

It’s time to let go of old feelings you no longer have a use for. Those feelings might include regret over a path not taken, anger at someone who betrayed you, sadness over someone who let you down. While you’re at it, Libra, let go of self-doubt, guilt over a poor choice or an error in judgment, and jealousy of someone who you think is better than you at something. When you finally shed all of these useless emotions, then you – the dazzling, enchanting, interesting YOU – will be free to reach for a dream that is waiting for the real you to make an appearance.

It’s so true that it’s kind of creepy. Seriously. So damn bloody true.

I hope this new job will give me a good positive energy. I do need some of that. I feel like I’m soaking in a pool of murky water. I wanna clear that all out.

AND. Lao niang me has decided [finally in my entire 23 years of life] TO GO ON A DIET.

See, I told you, I’ll do it when I know it’s time to do so. So don’t force me to go on a diet. It’s MY body.

Positive that it’s time. Big fat time. Really gained too much weight during my stay at Style. Horrible. Ate like at least 2 meals a day. Really horrible. Ate like a pig. But well, guess that’s my only enjoyment cus I’ve been so busy working my ass off.

Haven’t really got a plan yet though. Well first is of course to eat less. Which can be the hardest because I really love to eat.

Hope everything goes well. Other than physical issue, I also do have another huge issue to deal with: Financial. Oh the usuals, really broke. In debts. & I can’t sleep well when I’m in debt. I can’t eat well I can’t do anything because I’m in debt. That’s just sad. And need to buy all these awful-looking office wear just for new job. Sigh. I guess that’s where all my pimples are coming from.

Money is indeed the root of all problems huh.

Okay nighty night people.


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