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Been wanting to write about this for a long time already:

Dating Older Men

And I thought now would be the perfect time to write, since I’m stuck here in this old building, surrounded by old guys.

Well I’m not sick or desperate. I’m just giving you girls options. Listing out facts about it, pros & cons about it. So listen here, I’ve figure out that dating older guys has got more pros than cons!

*older guys refer to men 10 years older than us

Firstly, he WILL be rich. Because he will have a career. Any guy that do not have a career by 33, obviously can go to hell. Sorry to say that but it’s true! How can you survive your 30th birthday without having a career? Won’t you be so ashamed that you’d rather not live till 30? So by 33, he should have a career already, otherwise, he is not in this category.

And when he has a career, he should be rich. Because he don’t have a girlfriend, he should saved a lot already. Unless he spent all his savings on say, a Lamborghini, then he shall be excused. Or say, a condo, excused too. But other than that, it’s safe to say that he should be rich.

And next, he’ll love you to death!! You are his very own & very real SPEEDSTER! He don’t need a Ferrari when he’s got you! He’ll be showing off to all his old friends [who will be leading a boring life with a wife & kids & having the routinised once-a-month-sex] what a brilliant sexy speedster you are. You are sure to be pampered. He’ll give you anything you want [we’re thinking Chanel Prada & not sex-with-old-men].

And also, he’ll be mature. He’ll definitely be much more mature than any guys our age. If he is not, then it’s very sad that you’ve got yourself a childish 33 year old kid.

And you will always always always be cooler than him, always have a more fantastic social life than him. His life will be full of stupid meetings, dinner with old friends, company gathering, blah blah blah whereas your life will be full of parties etc! So you’ll always have the upper hand.

And he’ll wanna settle down fast. No more playing around, no more flirting around with stupid sluts, no more partying hard before entering the tomb, no more nonsense. He will wanna settle down, get married, have babies.

Ahhh. Life would be awesome. But it’s almost impossible to find 30-over guys who still look good. Most have receding hairline or like body-odour, or like well, just very not attractive.

So there will be pros & cons. Cons would mainly be being too traditional, conservative, & well, not handsome. They are mainly “the ones left on the shelf”. That’s sad.

I never wanna be the ones left on the shelf. But yet, sometimes, it’s not within your control.

Okay just me being really bored….

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