Bubble Tea


Bubble-teaing away at my TKC fair. Alone at the booth. I love being alone here cus it makes me the boss of my booth but I’m really bored & kinda piss that the rest are not coming down to join me & are enjoying their groupy time together back in the shop.

When you are at the end of a chapter, or should I say when I am at the end of a chapter, I get this incredible impatience to quickly get over it & start a new fresh one. That’s what I’m trying to say.

Now that I know my current chapter is ending, I can’t wait for the other one to start. The new fresh one. Can’t wait. So impatient that I wanna pull a little of my old tricks again. Old tricks like those that can get me out of the current situation. Because I have 7 more days. 7 continuous days without any off days. How is that gonna be okay?

Anyway, yesterday well spent lazing the ass out of me. Supposed to meet the girls for a supper, but I couldn’t. Got too depressed looking into the mirror seeing a sad pimpled small eyes stranger. Not forgetting, FAT.

I think I’m definitely at my worse physical state currently. I’m unbelievably fat, real major break out, & really bad fake eyelashes that look horribly on me.

I know I know I gotta take control, take control & just make everything back to normal. I’m trying okay. I bought new eyelashes, new contact lens, black colour which I hope will make my eyes bigger. But I’m helpless about the pimple & fat part.

Hopefully it’ll clear out when my menses come. Or when I have the money to go see doctor. I’m in debt. That’s the root to my negative energy. And the source of all my problems. Ugh.

And the fatty issue. It’s definitely due to my current job. There’s nothing to do except to eat. Seriously. That’s all I do. Eat, sit, grab customers, msg, eat, sit, grab customers, msg. See? How to not gain weight. Feeling really miserable as I wore my leggings today with flats. I look crazy. Like a fat minah. Omg.

SIGH. All I can say is, it’s been quite a bad month for me. Hope to get over the crazy soon.

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