Happy 9th August :)

Status: Just got home


Just got cheated by NDP. Very upset. Can’t believe we missed the fireworks! Happily went to Kallang river to wait for it, turns out, it’s over. FML! SO bimbo can! Can’t believe Mr R is part of this bimbo-moment too. Makes me less bimbo.

But still, I wanna wish my lovely home country a very HAPPY 46TH BIRTHDAY. And I wish that there will be lesser ignorant unappreciative Singaporean out there. This is home, truly, where I know I must be, where my dreams wait for me.

Sang the song every where I went today, on the bike, on the road walking in town, before eating, and totally proud that I can remember the entire lyrics! Well it’s been 12 years, guess everybody should know it by now. But it’s definitely the best National Day song by far :)


Heehee. That’s how patriotic I am! But I don’t have many red/white clothes. Mmmmmm.


Mommy went to NPD today (I don’t know how come she got the tickets), but she was saying how she felt like crying when she see Mr Lee KY during the NPD and how old n fragile he is now :(

I have one wish, and it’s to please let me see him once, in real life, before he dies. It would be my greatest honour to be able to shake his hand and tell him how he will always be our hero!

Alrighty then, Happy National Day!




OH! My birthday is coming!! Less than 2 months! Excited but don’t think I’ll be able to celebrate it as I’m sure I’ll be working as it’s a Monday :( And now that my off days are on Wednesday. But I’m still excited. Maybe I’ll take leave or something.

Anyway, Mr R accidentally spilled that he is gonna get my a watch. Though he knows that I too wanted a cat. So now I’m really considering what to get, a watch or a cat.

I would love a watch as my current watch is the one from ASOS and the previous watch from Adidas had kick-the-bucket. But also I’m not a very watch person and didn’t really want him to spend over $200 just to get a watch for me.

And I would really love a cat but I’m still considering about the commitment and my family. Because I can totally know that they don’t adore cats (they wanted to kill my neighbour’s cat who kept coming to our house) and that it’ll be difficult to take care and train the cat. And now that I’m so busy with work, I can’t actually take care of it full time. Yet I would love to have a cuddly cat around when I come home from work :(


Mmmm. Don’t know. I’ll let him decide.

Anyway, it’s not that easy to get a cat. Cus I wanted persian cat but he don’t want because he said persian cats have a fierce face and also their fur really drop like hell. But I love a persian cat :)

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